Happy new year. Wow, it has been few years of me not updating this blog. Sumpah kelakar bila baca balik all my previous posts, was that me? Haha sumpah tak matang. Okay lah, pengalaman mematang kan kita. Nak sedapkan hati gitu. Alright, lets forget about the past and focus on the future. Pejam celik, this year is my 4th year of medical school. Yup i am a student and still a student, i am currently taking medic course in university of malaya. Nothing to be proud of pun. Everyone is the same , the most important thing is determination. Bosan jugak lah sebab still not graduated, all my other frinds mostly dah graduated and i am happy for them . Lama sikit course ni . Total would be 5 years, so roughly about 1 and a half year more to go. So far me myself pun tak tahu how to comment or describe my uni life haha because its too blend, nothing special. Just hope that i can pass through this.
Relationship? Still going well and strong.  Communication and tolerance are the main elements. I prefer not to show off my relationship, because silent is gold ;)
Progress? Nothing much. I am still who i am. Just having severe breakout might be due to stress. Arghhh pimples/zits please go away. Sikit2 manis la tapi berpada pada okay. Im in a recovery process, please please recovered :( tawakal kepada Nya.
Thats all. Will update soon. Xoxo ❤️️

Fake Friend

Assalamualaikum. Im backkk! Its been a long time without me posting any update right? so busy oh , classes pack gila ehh takdelah pack sangat actually sebab baru je masuk sebenarnya. Im doing my medic course right now at university of malaya. Alhamdulillah my dreams come true. Actually there is something that triggers my sense of writing to write a post today. i dont know why but i feel so sad, feel lonely and something that makes me feel urghhhhhh i give up. But yeah my head's giving up but my soul will not giving up. I feel like one of my close friend since from my foundation really annoyed me in this few days. i dont know why. its not my intention to annoy her. i love her. she is my bestfriend. but yeah not really a bestfriend because she already has her bestfriend, her real bestfriend. and my real bestfriend is not here, ainaa amira i really hope you were here. i need you the most :/ hmm korang tak rasa ke yang kawan baik patut tolong korang and support korang, bukan jatuhkan semangat korang? hmmm tapi my situation sangat berbeza. Aku tak tahu kenapa aku rasa dia seolah olah cemburukan aku. kawan apa kalau setiap masa asek merendahkan orang lain. yeah a bestfriend have to be honest, but not too honest untill you hurt others feeling. Urghhh cant you understand! i really hope you read this and realise! Wake up, people doesnt like your style la, stop mengejek orang lain. Jangan ingat diri you tu dah perfect. Kalau sekali dua takpe, ini berkali kali kau memerli, ishhh kadang2 hilang sabar jugak. Sorry to say. And one more thing, today was a really bad day for me. Im having my writing assessment today and it was really bad. i didnt know that i actually supposed to scribble the notes and gave it to the lecturer, i did not know! I know you already knew it, so why dont you tell me? Oh gosh, im feeling like exploding right now. Huhhhhhhhh :/ I am so sad, really sad . She is my bestfriend and why she is doing this to me. I gave her all my answers, i was trying to help her but she was acting like that, Ya Allah i annoy her :/ i know i cannot have a feeling like that, please help me to forget all of this things, just get rid it from stucking in my head. Please Ya Allah :/ Makes me accept her again like how our friendship begins. Hope everything"s going to be okay after this. I must settle down my emotion first, im too emo right? It's not me at all. It's not me :/ Thats all from me. Eh jap, asal aku bajet bajet minah mat salleh speaking ni haha. Sorry terpengaruh dengan suasana kat sini haha. Bajet je lebih ni :p

Much love, Sofeaku


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